#Week 2: Articles Loved By an Article Writer

Like most writers, I read a lot. I thought I’d share some articles I’ve enjoyed each week. Some will be tech, some not. Not all will be articles published that week. I’ll add a little about why I like some of them. Maybe I’ll do a newsletter in the future if i get any interest. I’m linking to the writers on twitter, perhaps you’ll follow them?

Location: Cold and rainy Berlin (with just a touch of snow and for this one day, a bit of sun!)

So you automated your coworkers out of a job, Brian Merchant, Gizmodo
Why I like it: a really well crafted look at the brutal reality of job automation.

Reddit gave a teenager with autism a shockingly helpful sex ed lesson, Eric Spitznagel, Tonic
Why I like it: a surprising example of reddit used for good

Girl Scouts and HP launch new cybersecurity game and achievement patch, Rachel Kraus, Mashable
Why I like it: I was a girl guide and I earned badges in cooking, camping, and crafts. This is a great way to introduce cybersecurity to a young audience.

One man’s obsessive fight to reclaim his Cambridge Analytica data, Issy Lapowsky, Wired

Twitter is the crystal meth of newsrooms, David Von Drehle, The Washington Post
Why I like it: Social media and journalism are uncomfortably connected. I see a lot more articles these days that are basically a report of what everyone is saying or twitter (or indeed reddit as a mentioned above). At a week when hundreds of journalists from BuzzFeed and Huffing Post lose their jobs, it’s also time to question the model social media friendly click bait journalism.

How people are ghosting their employees, adapted by Philippa Fogarty for BBC Capital

My latest piece: IoT Predictions for 2019, DZone

Tech journo and writer, based in Berlin, Germany.

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