Real Musk fans can take a last ride in a Tesla hearse — to their funeral

Cate Lawrence
3 min readDec 3, 2021


At SHIFT, we get up close and personal with many Tesla fans. For most, it’s an all-encompassing passion where their car and “The Cult of Tesla” play a big part in their life.

But, as we all know, life inevitably comes to an end. But fortunately, Tesla fans in the UK can take their passion beyond the mortal coil by traveling to their funeral in a Tesla electric hearse.

This week, Co-Op Fundercare, UK’s largest funeral provider, launched its first Tesla electric hearse to serve environmentally-conscious communities in London.

The company will also be adding two Nissan electric hearses to its electric fleet. The cars are adapted from the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf passenger vehicle equivalents. The hearses’ exterior structures are made from recycled composite materials, enhancing their sustainability credentials.

Even better, electric vehicle charging points are becoming a standard feature across all new Co-op Funeralcare centers — a handy spot to charge your EV!

It’s not the first time we’ve combined the words Tesla and funeral. Earlier this year, we brought you the opportunity to buy your very own Tesla Model S hearse for a mere $200,000.

Why not branch out from Tesla to other Elon Musk industries?

Elysium Space could get your ashes) on a SpaceX rocket.

For true Elon Musk fans, you can take your dedication beyond the world. A few years back, memorial spaceflight startup Elysium Space could get you a ride (well, your ashes) on a SpaceX rocket for a mere $2,490 per person.

So, the average funeral costs around $8,000. But, the cost of cremation is less than $3,000 making it combined with a space flight practically a bargain — definitely, one way to go out with a bang.

Credit: Neuralink

And, if we take a leaf from Elon’s other business interests, why not get involved? Imagine a future where your cloud-based brain powers Tesla auto functions autonomously?

Or your voice powers the voice feedback in the infotainment system? Or, your brain waves uploaded and now controlling a Tesla hearse autonomously as it takes you to your very own funeral? That’d be very cool.

When I die I want to be put into a gigapress and stamped into a Tesla.

- Jeremy Judkins 🎄 🏝 (@teslafsdbeta) November 29, 2021

Then, take a look at Tesla fan, Jeremy Judkins. He wants to be “put into a Gigapress and stamped into a Tesla” or, at a minimum, “stamped into the charge port area/trunk. Really, if you look at it like that, the options are limitless…

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