I appreciate the idea of Oh La La but unlike legalised sex work in Amsterdam and Australia (amongst other countries), there’s no compulsory STD checks (well of workers at least) or professional security to ensure the women are safe upon meeting their clients. Women who engage in sex work (whether you call it escort, sugar babies, dates for hire or an app than includes a financial component) are more likely to experience violence and sexual assault than another other industry. Of course there are ways to reduce this, but it is often knowledge that is passed down by sex workers, the tricks of the trade, and I’m not sure an app would provide such knowledge?

I know Berlin is big on sex positivity: I’ve seen flyers that advertise buffet style sex parties where men pay a laughable entrance fee for several hours and lots of women for example. But as with Oh La La I am unclear how clients/customers ensure the women they are meeting are not trafficked?

I’m actually not anti sex work at all, this is why i have these concerns with the app. I think it sets up a less than ideal scenario.

Tech journo and writer, based in Berlin, Germany.

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