5 Mobile App Predictions for 2020

Cate Lawrence
4 min readJan 13, 2020

As new technologies emerge and older technologies evolve, so too does the mobile app sector. Just 10 years ago, some of the most popular apps were Angry Birds, Facebook and Bing. Now folding phones are back, Facebook is out of favour, privacy is everything, and streaming services are at war as 60% of internet videos are currently being watched on phones and tablets. What are some of the mobile app predictions to preoccupy mobile devs in 2020? Let’s take a look:

5G as a Game Changer

You can’t go to any mobile event without hearing the term 5G. It’s the new mobile wireless standard based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology. With 5G, mobile technology is expected to be faster, have fewer dead zones, and end data caps on cellular contracts. We’ve all heard about the expectations of speed, but we can also expect near-zero latency. Apps will have greater precision (particularly relevant to GPS-enabled mobile apps). This will have a roll-on effect on embedded media-heavy apps, enabling devs to build new platforms and app capabilities. It will take quite a while for 5G to be ubiquitous, especially across Europe, but we can expect an interesting display of 5G phones at CES in January.

Beacon Tech Means new Mobile App Development

We’ve seen a mammoth push into beacon tech in the last couple of years. A beacon is. a low-energy Bluetooth device that sends a one-way signal to another device such a mobile phone. For example, if you walk through a shopping centre embedded with beacons, a notification can be sent to your mobile phone by businesses as you walk past.

The explosion of IoT connected devices includes a push towards personalised experiences -including the use of beacons in wayfinding apps at museums, sports stadiums and airports. Beacons can also facilitate payments in tandem with mobile wallets; the popularity of these are set to only grow in 2020. We can expect to see plenty more dev resources in this area from both Google who launched Project Beacon last year, sending hardware beacons out to retailers and creating a plethora of dev resources.

Augmented Reality to Continue to Bloom



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